Antique & Indian Snowshoes

Note: We can combine ship any pair of antique indian snowshoes with our regular snowshoes.

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Wonderful pr of 42x14, one tiny weave break on one shoe $110 Inv#ISS04

Snowshoes with Maine provenance. These early 20th century shoes were made by R. Danforth for E. M. Cutting. They are signed accordingly.

E. M. Cutting was the brother of Licensed Maine Guide Charles Cutting of Andover Maine, who in 1903 was issued guide badge #3 by the state of Maine. These shoes are in exceptional condition, one has a hand forged metal brace at the bottom. They are 38x14 $450. #ISS100

Saddleback Mountain Rangeley Maine

To order snowshoes, send us an email with your numbered choice(s) to . We ship for $35 per pr/$45 two pr/$51 three pr. We use a custom box that usually fits two good size prs. We can fit three smaller prs. in one box.We ship via priority mail insured. We accept checks, money orders or credit cards via Paypal.

Good pr. handmade with sm. weave break on left shoe. 41x12  $135

Nice pr. of Indian made 42x14, tail damaged on left shoe, otherwise perfect $145  Inv# ISS47

Indian made, small weave damage @ boot toe area. 42x14 $125  Inv# ISS46

Antique Indian pair, slight damage center foot area, great old patina. 37x12 $125 Inv. #ISS82

Great pr 33x10 with replaced tribal tassels. Mint condition $135 Inv# ISS29

Great pair child's size antique shoes, 29x9
 $125  Inv# ISS708

Antique pair, weave unravel, lower crossbar, left shoe, 42x12
 $195 Inv. #ISS93

Antique pair, weave unravel, upper area, left shoe, 43x12
 $85 Inv. #ISS94

Mint condition handmade snowshoes. 36x11
 $125  Inv# ISS98

Great pair child's size antique shoes, tiny unravel on one shoe 29x9
 $125  Inv# ISS709

Thanks Joe. I got the snowshoes yesterday. And they are awesome! They are even better than they looked in the photo on your website. No breaks in the weave, no cracks in the frames. Mint condition. Truly exquisite! Thanks again.

Great pair with tribal tassels
 $135  Inv# ISS1000


Great pair Tubb's 48x12 in old mellow varnish
 $185  Inv# ISS1002

Snocraft NOS (new old stock) 34x12 $125  Inv# ISS1003

Antique Tubb's 48x12 $165  Inv# ISS1004

Antique Handmade 52x12 (slight cracking top of both shoes) $145  Inv# ISS1005

Antique pair, 43x12 (weave unravel) $85  Inv# ISS1006

Antique Handmade pair, 45x13 (slight crack on top of one shoe) $125  Inv# ISS1007

Antique Tubb's (no label) $110  Inv# ISS1008

Snocraft NOS 34x12 $95  Inv# ISS1009

Great pair Tubb's 40x11  $155  Inv# ISS1010

Snocraft NOS 44x14 Mint!!! $135  Inv# ISS1012


Antique Tubb's Pickerel Alaskan in perfect condition!! 56x10 $165  Inv# ISS1015

Eraly Primitive Indian Snowshoes, incredible weave and shape (repairs on top) $195  Inv# ISS1016

Antique Tubb's 48x12 Brace on side of one shoe  Inv# ISS1013

Antique Oxford Brand 42x12 Maine made $110  Inv# ISS1011

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