Effective 12/30/14, due to a dispute between UPS and Amazon regarding package sizes
UPS has raised rates by an unbelievable 110%. A box of snowshoes sent from Maine to the West Coast on 12/29/14 was $25, when I presented a package for shipment today, 12/30/14, the rate was $52.55
Fedex intends to follow suit and bump their prices effective 1/5/14. These actions being taken with gas prices plummeting by 30-50% nationally is not only ridiculous but downright criminal. 
Corporate giants like UPS and Fedex when they have a dispute with a preferred client like Amazon should settle their differences direct, but they have decided to screw everyone and their actions will essentially destroy all small businesses using the internet as a means to reach customers. My shipper has said that if  their policy remains in effect, his business as an authorized drop for UPS and Fedex will soon cease to exist.
All small businesses effected by this new pricing structure should contact their Congressmen and Senators and press them to look into this situation.

Effective immediately, all boxes of snowshoes shipped West of the Mississippi River will be subject to a $10 surcharge. We have no choice in this matter as we cannot control what UPS, Fedex or the USPS does regarding rates. We cannot and will not subsidize shipping.